Harrison School District Two allows students to participate in sports and overnight field trips according to their preferred gender identity; district seems to keep parents in the dark regarding their children’s gender identity


Harrison School District Two has a policy titled “Support of Transgender Students” that is dated as last revised on July 29, 2022. The policy mandates that students must be referred to by their preferred pronouns and names: “Every student has the right to be addressed by the name and pronoun that corresponds to the student’s gender identity.” Students will also “have access to the restroom and other facilities that corresponds to their gender identity.”

Students in the district can additionally participate in “intramural sports and competitions” in accordance with their preferred gender identity. Regarding field trips, the district explains: “In most cases, students who are transgender should be assigned to share overnight accommodations with other students that share the student’s gender identity consistently asserted at school.” The school district also has a “Gender Transition Plan” that appears to explain that parents may be left in the dark regarding the gender identity of their children.

The Gender Transition Plan asks: “Are parent(s)/guardian(s) of this student supportive of their child’s gender status?” The plan then follows that question up with another: “If not, are parent(s)/guardian(s) aware of support services?”

The school district also has a “Gender Support Plan” for students. The plan explains that its purpose is to help “create shared understandings about the ways in which the student’s authentic gender will be accounted for and supported at school.” Similar to the “Gender Transition Plan” document, the Gender Support Plan asks: “Are guardian(s) of this student supportive of their child’s gender status?”