“Growing Up Trans” film and worksheet assigned in mixed age sociology class


During an elective sociology course at South High School in Cheyenne, Wyoming, students viewed the film, “Growing Up Trans.” The lesson included a worksheet with questions to be answered before and after viewing the film. The class is mixed age and includes freshmen through seniors. South High School is part of Laramie County District 1. According to students in the class, they were instructed that the worksheet could not leave the classroom but Parents Defending Education has not independently confirmed that claim.

The worksheet

The Film

The standards for the Unit 1 during the first quarter of this sociology class are below:

The principal of the school has since defended the assignment “stating that the sociology curriculum and materials were adopted through the policy process in 2016, being posted for a 45-day review and aligning to state standards.”

He went on to say:

It is important for our community to know that in all of our schools and throughout the district, we want all of our students to feel a sense of belonging. Specifically, at South High, there is a commitment from staff and students to ensure an open and inclusive environment for all students.