Glendale Unified School District superintendent recommends Board of Education to accept donation for “gender equity consultant” at elementary school


The superintendent of Glendale Unified School District sent a letter to the Board of Education that recommended the Board to accept a $437.50 donation from the Dunsmore PTA in an effort “to provide a gender equity consultant for use at Dunsmore Elementary School.” Gender equity consultants often advise educators to allow children in schools to pick the gender identities that they feel best represent them.

The school district’s website promotes a “Diversity and Inclusion” page. The superintendent specifically mentions “gender identity” and “gender expression” on the page when discussing that schools in the district “will continue to be safe spaces.” In 2021, the Board of Education passed a resolution stating that “it is imperative that students in our community, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or gender expression, feel welcomed, valued, safe, empowered, and supported by their peers and school community.” The Board of Education also encouraged the superintendent and school staff “to support lessons and activities that engage students in meaningful learning about the accomplishments of the LGBTQ+ community and the experiences of our LGBTQ+ students, employees, and families.”

The Twitter account “Libs of Tik Tok” posted the superintendent’s letter online.