Ephrata School District 165 has a policy that keeps student gender identity hidden from parents


Ephrata School District 165 in Ephrata, WA, has a policy that encourages teachers to hide students’ gender identities from parents. 

The policy states that “to ensure the safety and well-being of the student, school employees should not disclose a student’s transgender or gender-expansive status to others, including the student’s parents and/or other school personnel.”

The policy continues, “An appropriate school employee will privately ask known transgender or gender-expansive students how they would like to be addressed in class, in correspondence to the home, and at conferences with the student’s parent/guardian.”

The policy also requires the District to hold professional development trainings for staff members that include “appropriate strategies for communicating with students and parents about issues related to gender identity and gender expression, while protecting student privacy.”

Read the full policy below: