Elkhorn Area School District provides teachers with training that includes the “Gender Unicorn” and protocols for elementary and middle school students who identify as transgender


A concerned community member provided Parents Defending Education with a presentation used to train teachers at Elkhorn Area School District. The presentation is dated December 6, 2021. Learning targets included to “gain an understanding of terms and concepts related to gender identity, gender expression, and gender diversity in children and adolescents” and “introduce the EASD Gender Support Plan.” The presentation also featured the “Gender Unicorn.” The “Gender Unicorn” is an image that schools have used in an attempt to teach children that gender exists on a spectrum.

The presentation included a link to a video titled “LGBT 101: An introduction to the Queer community.” This video attempts to teach viewers that “gender identity,” “gender expression,” and “biological sex” are all different concepts. The video tells viewers to “respect their pronouns” and “respect their chosen name.”

The presentation later explained regarding gender support plans: “The EASD gender inclusion plan was created in collaboration with our school lawyer to provide information about how to best ensure the protection of students and staff in terms of gender inclusion.” The presentation then listed “rights” of students who identify as transgender. The following are some of the listed rights:

  • Right to be treated according to your gender identity.
  • Right to be called by the name and pronouns that match your gender identity.
  • Right to use restrooms and locker rooms that match your gender identity, and you can’t be forced to use separate facilities.
  • Right to dress and present yourself according to your gender identity.
  • Right to protect your privacy and choose who you tell or don’t tell about being transgender.
  • Right to join or start an LGBTQ+ student club like a GSA or Pride Alliance.

The presentation also mentioned that the district has gender support plans for middle school students and will need plans in place for elementary students: “While the middle and high school have a number of gender support plans in place, we have not written a formal plan yet at the elementary level.” The presentation added that “we do need to be prepared to respond to the needs of our elementary students if a child were to approach a trusted adult.”

The presentation also told teachers to “use gender inclusive language.” This includes using the word “class” instead of “boys” and “girls.” Teachers are additionally told to not divide students into groups based on gender.