East Bridgewater Schools teach that gender is “assigned at birth,” peddles in gender stereotypes and warns students about “toxic masculinity”


According to several concerned whistleblowers, “East Bridgewater schools are using Harvard University’s Democratic Knowledge Project to indoctrinate 8th graders and high schoolers. Topics in Civics Class include “Power & Privilege of Male Heterosexuals” and “Toxic Masculinity.”

East Bridgewater Schools are on the list of the Democratic Knowledge Project’s K-12 Pilot School Districts here.

Here are a few screenshots of a recent presentation used with 8th grade students at East Bridgewater Jr/Sr High School during Civics class—the entire slide deck is available for download above. It is unclear if this particular presentation has a direct link to the Democratic Knowledge Project.

This is another assigned article for the same 8th grade Civics Class. Below is a screenshot of the title.