District signs $35,395 ethnic studies contract that includes incorporating Critical Race Theory into training


Hayward Unified School District has agreed to a $35,395 one-year contract with ethnic studies consultant Liberated Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum Consortium. The contract states that the consortium’s services will provide training and curriculum guidance to the district’s “Ethnic Studies Workgroup,” as well as a full day “professional development workshop” for HUSD Social Science teachers.

The district ethnic studies policy slide presentation states that the ethnic studies planning committee will “develop Professional Development including, Critical Race Theory, Abolitionist Teaching and Courageous Conversations.”

The “Scope of Work” to be performed by consortium faculty includes an introduction to ethnic studies “frameworks, principles, and model lessons,” sessions on “pedagogical practices in anti-racist pedagogy, healing practices, identity and positionality,” and an introduce teachers to “anti-racist pedagogies and model a 4 I’s of Oppression lesson.”