Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools allow students to change their name and gender identity without parental consent or knowledge


During an August 17, 2022 meeting of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District Board of Education, a presentation was given outlining the district’s policies on topics ranging from student discipline procedures to teacher salaries and transgender students. In regard to pronouns and name changes, the district states that students can request their own name/pronouns and parental consent is not required or even asked.

The district’s policy is to not tell parents about their child’s gender identity. It also encourages staff to ask students if this information should be kept secret:

Transgender students are allowed to use the bathroom or locker room that corresponds with their stated gender identity. On field trips and overnight trips, staff are encouraged to consider whether sex segregation is necessary and place transgender students in rooms and activities that match their gender identity:

The full school board presentation can be viewed online here and below: