Charlotte Independent School District provides LGBTQ and transgender resources including discreet chatrooms to students


The Charlotte Independent School District is located in a small rural town in Texas and has approximately 420 students. On April 28, 2023, Libs of TikTok reported that the school district’s counseling department had its own website with mental health resources that promoted LGBTQ and gender ideology for students under a section labeled as “Mental Health Resources.” The counseling department’s page for those resources now appears as blank.

Libs of TikTok provided this image of how the district’s resource page previously appeared.
The school district has appeared to remove all content from the counseling department’s “Mental Health Resources” page.

Libs of TikTok reported that the page contained links for students to access chatrooms regarding LGBTQ issues. One resource for students offered by the district was “Q Chat Space.” The website for this chatroom explains: “Q Chat Space provides online discussion groups for LGBTQ+ and questioning teens ages 13 to 19. It is not a forum. It is live and chat based; there is no video or audio. Everyone is chatting during the same pre-scheduled time.”

Q Chat Space promotes LGBTQ chatrooms for teenagers.

Another resource promoted for students was labeled as “Youth Chatrooms” on the LGBT National Help Center’s website. The chatroom page states: “Our moderated chat rooms are for youth ages 19 and younger to talk in a safe space and be able to express themselves without fear of being judged.”

The school district promoted chatrooms from the LGBT National Help Center.

Additional resources the district promoted were “Validation Station” and the organization Gender Spectrum. Libs of TikTok described “Validation Station” as “a free texting service that sends daily gender-affirming and ‘uplifting’ text messages to trans and non-binary youth.”

Libs of TikTok provided this image of Validation Station.

The organization Gender Spectrum offers resources specifically targeting “youth” and even teachers. Gender Spectrum offers resources to educators on a page titled “Integrating Gender Diversity Into Everyday Curriculum.” This page explains that the discussion of gender can be integrated into subjects like history, science, mathematics, and even physical education. In targeting the youth, Gender Spectrum offers online chatrooms for children as young as 10 years old who identify as “trans” or “non-binary.”

Gender Spectrum encourages teachers to implement gender into their classes.
Gender Spectrum offers online chatrooms to children as young as 10 years old who identify as “trans” and “non-binary.”