Brown Station Elementary School sends letter to parents stating that LGBTQ material will be added to curriculum


In March 2023, Turning Point USA reported that Brown Station Elementary School in Maryland “sent a notice to parents informing them that a selection of ‘LGBTQ+ inclusive texts’ have been approved for reading instruction in the classroom.” The organization continued to report that the school in the document expressed “their desire to represent members of the LGBTQ+ community in the curriculum for students.” Turning Point USA provided the document that a parent from the school shared with them. The document “was sent by the acting principal to all parents” and is dated February 10, 2023.

The document states:

As a reflection of MCPS’s ongoing commitment to ensure the curriculum is inclusive and affirming of all students, MCPS has approved a selection of LGBTQ+ inclusive texts for use in the classroom. We believe that every reader deserves to see themselves and their families positively represented in the books we read. Reading stories that reflect the diversity of our school community and world encourages respect and empathy for everyone.

The letter then adds: “In the coming weeks, your child’s teacher will read one of the new texts as part of reading instruction. These additional texts are used alongside the Benchmark Advance lessons and texts.” The letter states that the district “is excited about the ongoing work in schools to honor the perspectives and experiences of students, staff, and community members who are part of the LGBTQ+ community and will continue in their efforts to add more inclusive texts and materials in the curriculum.”

Turning Point USA provided the letter sent to parents.