Brent Elementary School Students Learned BLM’s 13 Guiding Principles as Part of BLM Week of Action


Students at Brent Elementary School in Southeast Washington, DC learned BLM’s 13 Guiding Principles as part of BLM Week of Action in March 2023.

According to Teaching for Black Lives, “Every grade focused on two of the guiding principles. The principles will remain at each grade level year-to-year so students who matriculate through Brent for all of elementary school will have deeply engaged with each of the 13 principles by the end of 5th-grade.”

On DC Area Educators for Social Justice’s website, BLM’s 13 Guiding Principles have been modified to a “kid friendly” version that includes “Transgender Affirming” and “Queer Affirming” for young children.

The full list of “kid friendly” Guiding Principles may be found here.

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Washington, DC’s Average Math scores for 4th grade are 12 points below the national average and 4th grade reading scores are 9 points below the national average.