Boulder Valley School District has policy that appears to tell staff to keep the gender identity of students a secret from parents


The Boulder Valley School District has a policy titled “Guidelines Regarding the Support of Students and Staff who are Transgender and/or Gender Nonconforming” that appears to explain parents can be left in the dark regarding the gender identity of their children. The policy states:

School personnel should involve parents or guardians in the implementation of these guidelines and the process of social transition at school to support the student’s well-being at school, but should first discuss the parental involvement with the student to avoid inadvertently putting the student at risk of harm by contacting the student’s parents.

The policy also mandates that teachers use the preferred pronouns of students: “The intentional or persistent refusal to respect a student’s gender identity (for example, intentionally referring to the student by a name or pronoun that does not correspond to the student’s gender identity) is a violation of these Guidelines.”

The policy further explains that students can use their preferred restrooms and locker rooms. Students are also allowed to participate in overnight field trips in accordance with their preferred gender identity.