Black Mountain Middle School displays “Wheel of Power/Privilege” at meeting with parents and teachers; gives classroom lessons to students in “identity” and “racism”


Black Mountain Middle School hosted a meeting with parents and teachers where a “Wheel of Power/Privilege” chart was displayed. According to the chart, people have more privilege if their characteristics are closer to the center. The word “power” is located at the center of the wheel. Characteristics near “power” are a “white” skin color, “heterosexual” sexuality, “slim” body size, “cisgender man,” and an American “citizen.” The word “marginalized” is located near the edge of the wheel. Characteristics near the “marginalized” area are a “dark” skin color, “lesbian” sexuality, “large” body size, transgender or “nonbinary,” and an “undocumented” illegal alien.

Black Mountain Middle School showed a “Wheel of Power/Privilege” in a meeting that involved parents and teachers.
Wenyuan Wu shared the image from Black Mountain Middle School.

Black Mountain Middle School has a page on its website called “Equity in Action.” The page links to a live document that the school appears to continuously update. The document mentions that the school has a “No Place For Hate” program to “carry out lessons and activities that revolve around the theme of upholding the rights of everyone to feel safe and respected at school.” The document also promotes a “Racial Justice Challenge” for students to “explore their role with our community.” The idea of racial justice appears to be part of the curriculum as the document explains that students have lessons in homeroom that include the “Iceberg – Identity lesson, Microaggressions, Being an Upstanders, and Coronavirus and Racism.”

The school’s educators have also been trained in equity. The document explains:

During this school year, Black Mountain’s staff has participated in many professional growth opportunities focused on equity. These training have included Recognizing Our Own Anti Bias, Microaggressions and How to Address Them, and our Own Equity Why’s.