Bexley City Schools releases statement attacking Ohio General Assembly for passing new law that prohibits minors from having access to surgeries and hormone blockers to change genders


On January 24, 2024, the Ohio General Assembly voted to pass a new law that will prohibit minors from having access to surgeries, hormone blockers, or other forms of therapy to transition to another gender, as well as ban biological males from participating in female sports. On January 26, 2024, Superintendent Jason Fine and Board of Education President Victoria Powers of Bexley City Schools published a statement attacking the Ohio General Assembly for passing the law. They used their statement to promote “equity” and to support allowing students to transition to another gender. They stated:

This week, the Ohio General Assembly completed its override of the Governor’s veto of House Bill 68. We are deeply saddened by this action. We believe in the fundamental right of every student to express their identity and to learn in an atmosphere of dignity and mutual respect. Our district is dedicated to providing an inclusive and supportive educational experience for all. Our DNA is to learn with curiosity, demonstrate kindness, and embrace equity.

They then added: “We will continue to support the rights and dignity of our transgender students and will continue in our efforts to ensure our schools are a place of safety, acceptance, and learning for all.”