Barrington Schools send home last minute communication about Panorama surveys with NO MENTION of parents’ right under federal law to opt out


Rhode Island is one of the states that has contracted with Panorama Education Inc. to administer student and family surveys in every school district. Each district is responsible for sending home information to families about when the survey will be administered in school and what categories or topics will be covered—the questions for grades 3-5 cover four categories and for grades 6-12, they cover six categories.

Barrington Schools administer a Panorama Education survey twice during the school year, in fall and spring. They sent a notice home to parents on November 12, 2021 about the fall survey being administered the following week. They failed to mention that parents have the right, under federal law, to opt their children out of these surveys. No information, therefore, was provided for parents about how to initiate the opt-out process. In addition, because the notice was sent home on November 12th and students were taking the surveys the week of November 15th, parents were left with almost no time to dig for information on their own about opting their children out.

From the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA):

Below is the notice that went home to families: