Arlington Public Schools promotes “Pride Month” to students; includes Planned Parenthood as resource for parents to teach their elementary children about gender identity


Arlington Public Schools has a page on its website promoting “LGBTQIA+ Pride Month” for students. The district states: “APS is recognizing and celebrating Pride Month this June to support our LGBTQIA+ students and staff and to encourage everyone to honor our diverse community.” The school district provides a link to the Human Rights Campaign promoting a history of “Pride Flags.” The school district also encourages everyone to use the preferred pronouns of others: “Using someone’s correct personal pronouns is a way to respect them and create an inclusive environment, just as using a person’s name can be a way to respect them.”

The school district provides a list of LGBTQ events that students can attend in the district’s area. Resources from organizations that promote LGBTQ issues to children like GLSEN and Planned Parenthood are also provided. One resource is titled “Talking to Your Child About Gender Identity” from Planned Parenthood. The resource goes to a Planned Parenthood page with links for different age groups. The “Elementary School” age group resource from Planned Parenthood explicitly states: “Gender identity — including transgender and gender nonconforming identities — are cemented early in elementary school.” Planned Parenthood offers the following advice for parents with children in elementary school:

  • Avoid pushing your kid into gender stereotypes.
  • Don’t assume your kid will grow up to be straight.
  • Avoid phrases like “be a man,” or “act like a lady.”
  • Be careful of gender stereotypes in TV, movies, magazines, books, or toys.
  • Make it known that homophobic or transphobic language — including jokes — isn’t acceptable in your home.
  • Let your kid read books and watch TV shows and movies with LGBTQ characters.
The school district linked to a resource for parents from Planned Parenthood.