Arlington Public School District offers cookies to school with most completed Panorama surveys


The Arlington Public Schools are offering cookies to the school with the highest participation rate in the district-wide Panorama surveys. The superintendent included news of the contest in her December newsletter. The district’s contract with Panorama Education was paid for with ESSER III funds (often referred to as “Covid money”) — the total spent appears to be $60,000. Panorama’s student surveys are administered in schools to students in grades 3-12 and families are asked to take the Family-School Relationship Survey, also administered by Panorama Education.

To the superintendent’s credit, she included copies of the student surveys for parents to view before deciding whether or not to have their students take the Panorama survey. The PDFs of those surveys are below:

Below are a few screenshots of the first few questions on the family-school relationship survey. The full survey for each school can be accessed here: