Arizona Department of Education Directs Students To Gender-Affirming Chatrooms, Chest Binders, and Hormone Replacement Therapy Without Parental Notification or Consent


The Arizona Department of Education, led by Kathy Hoffman, Superintendent of Public Instruction, lists LGBTQ+ student resources that include anonymous chat rooms and directs students to numerous organizations that offer financial assistance for hormone replacement therapy, transgender surgery, and free chest binders.   

According to the Arizona Department of Education’s website, “These resources are provided to assist in the support of LGBTQ students in our schools and communities.”  However, there is no mention of parental notification or consent.

Example of the LGBTQ+ resources include:

Point of Pride, a nonprofit that offers “scholarship-like” financial assistance for hormone replacement therapy and transgender surgery, and free chest binders

The online chat spaces do not appear to require parental notification or consent, and neither of the chat rooms requires that the moderators be trained and licensed medical or mental healthcare professionals.

Q Chat Space is available for LGBTQ ages 13-19 and offers a “Quick Escape” feature on the lower righthand side of their site. Chat facilitators are not licensed, mental health professionals.

Gender Space has chatrooms for children as young as 10.

On Nov. 8, 2022, Arizona voters will elect their next Superintendent of Public Instruction and decide between the current Superintendent, Kathy Hoffman, and her opponent, Tom Horne.

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