The Importance of Winning Your PTA


As parents find themselves increasingly at odds with their school boards and school administrators over critical race theory, curriculum, equity vs. equality and gender issues, it is now more imperative than ever to have representation on your Parent Teacher Association. With some schools, the PTA is a Parent Teacher Student Association, or PTSA. 

Whoever controls the PTA has a very loud voice in charting the direction of the school. If you want that voice to be yours and the voices of other like-minded parents who care the utmost for equality of education for all students, the PTA will give you that megaphone.

Your local PTA provides a voice for parents. The PTA can be an important partner in ensuring transparency, accountability and communication between the administration and parent-stakeholders. Too often today, the local PTA can be a barrier to these goals. Too often, the PTA can silence the voices of parents and side with the administration in promoting critical race theory and anti-education ideologies that look to indoctrinate students rather than focus on academics. In the past, the local PTA focused on bake sales, Teacher Appreciation Week, volunteers for school events and Back to School picnics. 

The PTAs of today are increasingly involved in infusing school policy, activities and curriculum with political indoctrination. In order to stop this trend, parents need to have rational, fair, open-minded, objective representation on the PTA. Your local PTA can and will have a direct impact on the direction of your school. Now is the time to raise your hand to volunteer on your PTA, run for elected positions and support other like-minded parents.

According to the National PTA, the PTA mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering all families and communities to advocate for all children, with a sense of “collaboration,” “diversity,” “respect” and “accountability.” Don’t allow yourself to be marginalized by a small group of activists. Define and lead your local PTA! 

10 Ways to Impact Your PTA and the Direction of Your School

  1. Remember the PTA speaks for the members, not for the ideology of any individual PTA member.
  2. Run for an elected position on the PTA.
  3. Support other like-minded parents who run for the PTA.
  4. Volunteer and join and lead PTA committees, like the Diversity Committee. Diversity Committees are playing increasingly important roles within our local PTAs.
  5. Attend all PTA meetings. Come prepared with questions and expect answers.
  6. Study the PTA financials. Where is money coming from and where is it going?
  7. Ask questions of your principal and other key administrators.
  8. Be sure the PTA president or other representatives attend local school board meetings and raise issues important to your school community at the school board meetings.
  9. Remember it is your school, and the PTA should be representing the interests of your parent and student community.
  10. Read the newsletter, volunteer to edit it and write for it, and push back on efforts to indoctrinate.

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