Speaking to School Officials


Private schools have the ability to deny admissions and, thus, they believe they are in a position of power. In August 2019, the U.S. Department of Education Office of Non-Public Education issued guidance, noting that it “does not have jurisdiction over private elementary and secondary schools unless they are direct recipients of federal financial assistance from the Department.”

But as a parent (and a paying customer), you have the right to speak up if you have concerns about decisions that private school leaders are making about curriculum, teacher and staff training, budget expenditures or other concerns.

You can first raise your concerns with a teacher or staff member with whom you have a trusted relationship. Connect with other parents to raise your concerns together. You can then raise your concerns with the head of school. If the concern is not addressed, you can raise your concerns with any organization overseeing the school, such as a faith-based organization or independent school organization. 

You can also contact officials at your state department of education to inquire about any state regulations, laws or requirements related to your concern. Accreditation boards might be another avenue to explore, as well.

It’s not easy, but it’s possible. Contact us at [email protected] if we can help you.