Questions to ask your school about their DEI & hiring practices


  1. Does the school district have Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) policies? If so, how are they integrated into all stages of the hiring practices?
  2. Does the district have specific DEI-based or demographic quotas they seek to meet while recruiting and hiring?
  3. What practices or policies to ensure transparency during the recruiting and hiring process are in place in the district?
  4. How does the district evaluate and measure the effectiveness of the DEI initiatives integrated into the recruiting and hiring process?
  5. How much does the district spend on DEI initiatives/hires and programs? Which are the most costly and what is the dollar amount?
  6. How does the district define “diversity” and does it include diversity of viewpoint?
  7. Does the district prioritize “equitable hiring” over experience and proven track record of candidates?
  8. What specific questions are asked to applicants to determine their commitment to equity?
  9. How does the district define “equity?”
  10. Do you offer professional development opportunities that are limited to certain staff on the basis of their race?
  11. How do you vet “DEI Professionals?” What qualifications do you require of them?
  12. Do you factor in “commitment to equity” when determining compensation?