Back to School Checklist 2022-2023


It’s back to school time! We know you have a back to school checklist for supplies and forms, but do you have one for advocating for your rights in your child’s education?

We’ve put together this handy back to school checklist for all the things we’re doing here at PDE as our kids go back to school:

  1. Find your opt out forms for Surveys and SEL. Don’t know where to start, go here!
  2. Find your school board meeting schedule and plan to attend!
  3. Make sure your voice is heard on the new Title IX proposed rule change. Click here to send a comment!
  4. Know your rights! Review the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment here!
  5. If you haven’t already, find a parent group to join or re-connect with.
  6. Find out who it is that you send Public Records Requests to at your school district.
  7. Write an Op-Ed and submit it to your local newspaper with your thoughts about education in your area! Here’s how!

Find a printable version of this list here:

Happy back to school!