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  • Humble Independent School District, TX - 2021 - $14,700 for Training and Workshops Download

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Who is Todd Whitaker?

Todd Whitaker is the author of a book, “What Great Teachers Do Differently.” He is a former professor of educational leadership at Indiana State University.

While Whitaker doesn’t work directly on issues of “equity” and “anti-racism,” he is a consultant to school districts, working with leaders implementing important policies in those areas. He discusses in a video how to impact the “climate” and “culture” of a school district, in a video promoted by ASCD, which represents 115,000

What services does Todd Whitaker offer?

Whitaker leads seminars on topics related to leadership and professional development.

What K-12 work has Todd Whitaker done? 


Humble Independent School District

On June 8, 2021, Humble Independent School District in Texas hired for $14,700 Todd Whitaker to lead a session, called, “What Great Leaders Do Differently.”

The contract included two half-day workshops on “Improving Instruction, Dealing with Difficult Staff Members, and Instructional Leadership.”

The contract said: “This session will help all leaders become more effective at improving instruction, increasing leadership skills and dealing with negative people and situations.”

The next day, on June 9, 2021, Deerwood Elementary @HumbleISD_DWE posted a tweet, thanking Whitaker for “inspiring the leaders @HumbleISD in our professional development with you!,” quoting him saying, ‘Leaders in Education show the world how to lead.’”


Kenton County School District

In early August 2021, the official Twitter account of Kenton County School District in Kentucky posted a message thanking Todd Whitaker for leading a training session, writing, “Thank you @ToddWhitaker for spending your day with #TeamKenton and talking about what great educators do differently!”


Alcorn School District

In late July 2021, Todd Whitaker posted a Twitter message, tagging Alcorn School District in Mississippi, @AlcornSchools, writing, “What an honor to work with a dynamic group of @alcorn educators today in Corinth, Mississippi! It was so fun. Thanks for the opportunity and have a wonderful school year!”


St. Mary’s County Public Schools

In early August 2021, Todd Whitaker posted a tweet with the message, “What a wonderful group of St. Mary’s County Public Schools educational leaders today in Leonardtown, Maryland! Your schools are in good hands! Thanks for the opportunity. #MotivatingTeachersDuringDifficultTimes.”