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What is Teaching While White?

The company has stated on their website’s about page that they seek “to move the conversation forward on how to be consciously, intentionally, anti-racist in the classroom.”

It notes: “Because ‘white’ does not mean a blank slate. It is a set of assumptions that is the baseline from which everything is judged; it is what passes for normal. Teaching While White wants to have conversations about those assumptions: what they are, how they impact our students, and how we can confront our bias to promote racial literacy.”  

What services does The Teaching While White offer?  

On the company website’s consulting services, Teaching While White has stated that they are “committed to offering schools and universities a variety of opportunities for looking at how racial identity development impacts teaching and learning… workshops and presentations… for staff development. We seek to partner with schools to develop a professional growth opportunity that is aligned with your institution’s particular needs. So, all of these offerings can be customized based on your particular needs.”

Parents Defending Education hasn’t received contracts yet for this business, but learning about services like this is important to understanding how consultants are infusing school systems with their business selling services regarding “racial identity development” and other agenda-driven issues.