Systemic Educational Equity LLC

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What is Systemic Educational Equity LLC?

Systemic Educational Equity LLC describes itself as a “full-service diversity, equity and inclusion consulting firm.”

What services does Systemic Educational Equity LLC provide?

Systemic Educational Equity LLC says it provides “professional development” that builds “capacity on the complex, and pervasive understanding of critical equity can be challenging.”

It said: “Topics that unravel the biases deeply ingrained in issues of racism, sexism, classism, and other forms of -ism’s require a lifetime of personal, interpersonal, structural and systemic analysis and active engagement.”

It sessions are 90 minutes in duration.

The titles include:

  • “Equity 101: An Overview”
  • “Understanding Implict Bias”
  • “Microaggressions”
  • “Culturally Responsive Practices”
  • “Social Constructs of Self and Positionality”
  • “Spheres of Influence”
  • “Stereotype Threat and Coded Racial Language”
  • “Responding to Incidents of Hate/Proactive Solutions”

What K-12 work does Systemic Educational Equity LLC do?


Joliet School District 86

In response to a public records request from Parents Defending Education regarding consultants providing the school district services related to “diversity, equity and inclusion,” Joliet Public Schools, headquartered in Joliet, Illinois, provided the document from Systemic Educational Equity LLC, listing its “professional development” services (detailed above).