Akuffo, Steven


  • White River School District, WA - 2021 - $3,000 for Facilitator of "Student Focus Groups" Download
  • White River School District, WA - 2019 - $750 for Student Focus Groups Download

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Who is Steven Akuffo?

Steven Akuffo is a counselor in Washington state. As of Sept. 26, 2021, his LinkedIn account listed him as an adolescent psychiatric counselor from January 2018 through present at the Child Study and Dream Center in the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services in Lakewood, Washington. He was previously a real estate broker for eight years.

Akuffo has facilitated “student focus groups” in California, and while the dollar amount of the contracts is low, the use of outside consultants to facilitate focus groups raise questions for parents about why those services can’t be provided in-house.

What K-12 work has he done?


White River School District


In 2021, the White River School District paid Steven Akuffo a total of $3,000 to be a facilitator for two days of “student focus groups.”


In 2019, the White River School District paid $750 to Akuffo to lead “student-focus groups” about fostering a “healthy school community.”