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  • Evanston Township High School District 202, IL - 2021 - $8,000 for District Antiracism Working Group Download

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What is Saxman Consulting LLC?

Christine Saxman is the founder of Saxman Consulting LLC, and she describes herself on her website by her racial identity: “A white woman working for racial and social justice.”

What services does Saxman Consulting LLC provide?

The company includes among its services a long list of race-based training, including:

  • “White Racial Affinity Space Facilitation,” including “Initial Introduction to White Racial Affinity Spaces” and “Sustained Facilitation for Organization White Racial Affinity Spaces.”
  • “Interracial Facilitation,” with the consultant noting, “I co-facilitate with women of color, focusing on accountability and solidarity.”
  • “Professional Development for Educational and Corporate Spaces,” including “Accelerating Antiracist Leadership” and “Developing White Racial Consciousness.”

What K-12 work does Saxman Consulting LLC do?


Evanston Township High School District 202

In 2021, Evanston Township High School District 202 paid Saxman Consulting LLC a fee of $8,000 for work related to its “District Antiracism Working Group.” The contract was included in a series of contracts returned by the school district in response to a public records request.