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What is Racial Equity Consultants LLC?

Racial Equity Consultants was established in Seattle.. 

On its website, the company says the if offers “coaching, mentoring and consulting in community with organizations, companies, government agencies, and social justice leaders to transform beliefs and assumptions, behaviors, strategies and organizational structures.” 

It continues: “Through tailored presentations, we provide pathways that will shift internal culture and impact external relationships…We are a cross-racial team that operates from a lens of racial justice to support individuals, communities and organizations in building their capacity to challenge internal and external systems of oppression in order to create transformational, systemic and sustainable change. We focus on anti-oppression, equity models rather than diversity approaches, understanding that power and privilege mirror the intertwining dynamics of racism and oppression. We are experienced in curriculum design, training, facilitating conversations, developing racial equity leaders, and steering organizations toward becoming racially just.”

What services does Racial Equity Consultants LLC offer?  

  • “Leadership Development & Executive Coaching”
  • “Racial Caucusing,” which it describes as “one strategy to confront the effects of internalized racial oppression and internalized racial superiority in the organization.” It says: “Members work separately in their respective identity groups as either POC or White people. In racial caucus, POC and White people learn to work towards dismantling racism from their separate and particular positionality. When they come back together, both identity groups have the skills and tools to move forward together to name, address and dismantle institutional racism. This work is imperative.”

The “caucusing” further asks:

  • “How do we work to maintain our elitism and entitlement as individuals, teams, and institutions?”
  • “Identify white privilege and power working in your institution/team?”
  • “How do you collude with white culture in your institution/team at meetings, in organizing, during your day?”
  • “How is white supremacy reflected in your institution/team?”
  • “What does it look like for white people to heal?”

What K-12 work has Racial Equity Consultants LLC done? 


Bethel Schools

In December 2019, the school district’s District Equity Team met for the first time and started a two-year examination of racial equity in Bethel. It issued a five-year strategic plan in March 2018.