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What is Our Transformation of Education?

Academic R. Tolteka Cuauhtin, an activist in promoting ethnic studies curriculum, created the organization Our Transformation of Education.

What K-12 work has Our Transformation of Education done? 


Salinas Union High School District

According to The Jewish News of Northern California, “following a heated board meeting on June 22, the Salinas Union High School District approved a consulting contract with R. Tolteka Cuauhtin, a member of the original ESMC advisory committee and one of four editors of the 2019 book “Rethinking Ethnic Studies.”

“The contract with Cuauhtin’s organization, Our Transformation of Education, sets out a work plan to craft a professional development program for teachers, compile course reading materials and other responsibilities. Salinas will require ethnic studies for all high school students beginning this upcoming school year.”

“A strong critic of certain revisions to the ESMC, Cuauhtin, like all 18 of the original advisory committee members, asked that his name be stripped from the acknowledgments section of the final draft.”

“He has spoken out publicly against the revised draft, including last October when he spoke virtually to an ethnic studies class at Harvard; the discussion was titled, in part, “The Case of the CA Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum: Attacks from White Supremacy Culture and the 50/500+ Year Struggle of Ethnic Studies Communities.”

“Cuauhtin will advise the Salinas school district for one year, according to a memorandum of understanding between them.”