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What is the Othering and Belonging Institute?

Formerly the Haas Institute, based in Berkeley, Ca., the Othering and Belonging Institute says it is doing “transformative work to advance a fairer, more inclusive society,” to “identify and eliminate the barriers to an inclusive, just, and sustainable society in order to create transformative change.”

Its “Race, Diversity and Educational Policy Cluster” works on policy and school reform related to “educational inequality; and student context, community collaboration and policy impacts.

What services does the Othering and Belonging Institute offer?  

  • “Racial Politics Project”
  • “Race, Diversity, and Educational Policy”
  • “Othering & Belonging Forum”
  • “Roots of Systemic Racism: New Research Exposes the Enduring Legacy of Plessy v. Ferguson and ‘Separate but Equal’ 125 Years Later”