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  • Alamo Heights Independent School District, TX - 2020 - $42,000 for Racial Equity Participatory Audit Proposal Download

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What is One World Consulting Services?

One World Consulting Services is a consulting firm based in Texas.

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Alamo Heights

On Oct. 12, 2020, Alamo Heights Junior School Principal Laura Ancira sent parents a letter notifying them of the formation of the new “District Equity Council.” 

The letter stated: “The Equity Council will represent a diverse group of parents, as well as school administration, staff, and student. Equity Council work and meetings are guided and facilitated by Dr. Jimmie Walker, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction and Equity Program Management consultants from One World Consulting Services. The demographics of the committee will thoughtfully reflect the overall demographics in our AHISD schools and spotlight the perspectives of underrepresented groups so all voices can be heard and valued in making recommendations.”