Cunningham, Melannie Denise


  • White River School District, WA - 2019 - $1,500 for Presentations to Students & Staff Download

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Who is Melannie Denise Cunningham?

Melannie Denise Cunningham is listed as director of multicultural outreach and engagement at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington. She gained some notoriety in 2021 when she traveled to Oslo as a local “Peace Queen” from Washington state.

What K-12 work has Melannie Denise Cunningham done?


White River School District

On March 26, 2019, White River School District issued an invoice to Cunningham for speaker fees for a “Presentation – Full Day Speak to students regarding kindness and social skills [sic] Speak to staff regarding equity and inclusion matters.”

The services were delivered to Glacier Middle School in Buckley, Washington.

The contract included a plan to split boys and girls into sections and discuss “kindness,” including:

  • Girls: “How to be kind amidst the mess?” “How to be inclusive?”
  • Boys: “How to talk about differences in respectful and kind ways?” “Kind to self, students and staff?”

The staff session included discussing:

  • “Examine our own Hidden biases.”
  • “Address overt and covert hurtful comments at school?”
  • “What to look for in the classroom? Both overt and covert.”
  • “How to address overt racism in class?”