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What is Make it Plain Consulting?

Established in 1996, Make It Plain Consulting describes itself as a “Human Capital Management Firm specializing in Human Resource Consulting, Workforce Training and Performance Coaching.” 

What services does Make it Plain Consulting offer?  

Its “Diversity/Inclusion” and “Equity Skills” involve:

  • “Designing low-cost, high-impact cultural competence & awareness training.”
  • “Integrating Emotional Intelligence and Diversity learning that drives performance.”
  • “Leveraging Enneagram Personality Testing to strengthen workgroups and operations.”
  • “Facilitating the B.E.S.T. Inclusion & Diversity training.”
  • “Emotional Intelligence in Education for administrators, teachers and students.”

What K-12 work has Make it Plain Consulting done? 


Fort Thomas Independent Schools

Through 2020 and 2021, Make It Plain Consulting has completed training in the school district, according to district officials. The school system is providing records.

Kenton County School District

Kenton County School District in Kentucky partnered with Make it Plain to “build a more equitable and inclusive community.” They developed a three-year plan, starting in 2019, with the aim of “ensuring equity and inclusion for our students, employees, families and community members.” Kentucky legislators recently introduced bills to limit or ban the discussion of subjects related to CRT, so it will be worth seeing how Make It Plain’s work in Kentucky is affected.