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  • Maine School Administrative District #72, ME - 2020 - $6,046 for Intercultural Inventory & Training Download

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What is Maine Intercultural Communications Consultants? 

According to its website, Maine Intercultural Communications Consultants includes “Maine-based professionals focused on intercultural development.”

It said: “With extensive cross-cultural experience and training, we are committed to bridging across difference.”

What services does Maine Intercultural Communications Consultants offer? 

Maine Intercultural Communications Consultants offers “training, assessments and coaching.”

Maine Intercultural Communications Consultants offers a Intercultural Development Inventory, known as the “IDI” and Individual and Group Debriefs to schools.

According to its website, “The IDI is the premier instrument, used nationally and internationally, to measure a group’s and individuals’ abilities (skill sets and mindsets) to bridge effectively across cultural differences, so as to create an inclusive work environment. In other words, does the group have an “intercultural mindset” that welcomes and leverages difference, a “monocultural mindset” that inadvertently suppresses, ignores, or judges difference, or something in between?”