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What is the Luminous Minds Project?

Many concepts of critical race theory arrive in schools by consultants working in areas of mental health, including “social and emotional health” and “trauma-informed care.”

According to its website, Luminous Minds Project seeks to “liberate minds.”

Luminous Minds Project’s mission is to liberate minds. We are dedicated to bringing awareness to the importance of knowing yourself, others and the environment and how they interrelate with one another…We actively advocate for Trauma Informed Care and equitable Arts Based Education…institutions and organizations to create psychologically safe, inclusive and emotionally supporting spaces for all minds…

What services does Luminous Minds Project offer?

Luminous Minds Project offers four types of training/workshops in the categories of “Social, Emotional, Artistic and Learning.”

The categories are described as follows:

  • “Social: Become socially responsible by becoming aware of social issues that affect your community members. Learn how to better socially interact and understand those that are different from you.”
  • “Emotional: Develop your emotional intelligence by participating in performance based workshops that will help you connect to yourself, others and environment naturally and authentically.”
  • “Artistic: Advance your ability to process information differently.”Discover your innate Creative Intelligence. Learn from local artists how their education in the arts gives them leverage in relationships and business.”
  • “Learning: Everyone has the capability to expand their consciousness and awareness through the willingness to stay teachable. Open your mind to a new way of processing information and developing yourself.”

What K-12 work has the Luminous Minds Project done? 


Bainbridge Island School District #303

On Feb. 15, 2018, Luminous Minds Project delivered a presentation at Bainbridge Island School District #303.