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  • New Castle County Vocational and Technical School District, DE - March 23, 202 - $22,000 for Facilitation Download

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What is Lori L. Speaks?

Lori L. Speaks is a consulting group founded by Lori L. Hayes, based in Wilmington, Delaware. On her website, she says she is a former students activities coordinator at West Virginia University Center for Black Culture and Research.

What services does Lori L. Speaks provide?

On her website, Hayes says she “has the ability to energize audiences with her real, relevant and relational programming.” She adds: “Her comedic delivery engages audiences while simultaneously challenging them to transform.”

What K-12 business has Lori L. Speaks done?


New Castle County Vocational Technical School

On March 23, 2021, an official of New Castle County Vocational Technical School signed a contract to pay Lori L. Speaks a fee of $22,000 for a scope of work that included the following services:

  • 10 “Pre-event planning sessions with students” of 1.5 hours each for a total of 15 hours.
  • Five “FAM events” of 1.5 hours each for a total of 7.5 hours
  • Five 1.5-hour “Advisor Sessions”
  • One 1.5-hour “Post-session with Principal and district admins”
  • 10 “Weekly affinity group facilitation” of 1.5 hours each