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Who is Joseph Allen?

In October 2020, Joseph Allen was named director of equity, leadership and planning of the Austin Independent School District, Texas, according to his LinkedIn profile. He held that position as of September 2021.

What K-12 work has Joseph Allen done?


Mooresville Graded School District

Joseph Allen worked as a Diversity and Inclusion Specialist at Mooresville Graded School District.


Southern Lehigh School District

In June 2020, Southern Lehigh school board approved hiring an independent contractor, according to a copy of the proposal, to conduct “needs assessment,” “professional development” and three-year “diversity, equity and inclusion action plan.”

In June 2020, Joseph Allen provided Southern Lehigh High School with a “Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity proposal.” The school district approved his proposal to conduct a “needs assessment,” professional development and, from the data, form a three-year “diversity, equity and inclusion action plan.”

The purpose of the proposal was to provide professional development to Southern Lehigh School District staff and administration regarding concepts related to human diversity, racial equity, social justice, and equitable education policies and practices. The proposal was also meant to assist Southern Lehigh School District staff and administration in understanding the historical context of race and racism in education and how it connects to current events, as well as assist staff in developing “culturally relevant” and “sustaining pedagogical practices.”

In a letter updating the community about the coming school year, the interim superintendent for the school district recommended that the incoming full-time superintendent continue to review Allen’s “DEI” recommendations.