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  • Ipswich Public Schools, MA - 2021 - $1,200 for "Racial Equity Workshop" Download

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What is Jamilah Pitts Consulting LLP?

Jamilah Pitts, raised in Columbus, Ohio, founded Jamilah Pitts Consulting LLP, and she describes the company as a “firm that centers the liberation, healing, and holistic development of children of color through an emphasis on educator training.” She described herself as a “highly sought after speaker.”

What services does Jamilah Pitts Consulting LLP offer?

The company says it provides several services:

  • “Anti-racism work,” with partnerships with schools, non profits and institutions. The website says: “Jamilah offers a deeply comprehensive and holistic approach to identifying and dismantling systems of oppression that permeate and are perpetuated within institutions. Jamilah’s approach moves away from a ‘one size fits all’, and is instead embedded in identifying racism, other forms of oppression and developing strategies to achieve liberation.”
  • Curriculum design, arguing, “Social justice education and academic skills do not have to be mutually exclusive. Jamilah designs curricula that centers anti – racist, anti – oppression, and social justice learning.”

What K-12 work has Jamilah Pitts Consulting LLP done?

In August 2020, the Kirkwood School District hosted an online talk with Jamilah Pitts in its “Kirkwood Educational Equity Speaker Series.”


Ipswich Public Schools

In 2021, Ipswich Public Schools paid the firm $1,200 for Pitts to deliver a “Racial Equity Workshop.”