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What is the Islamic Networks Group?

Based in San Jose, Ca., Islamic Networks Group offers schools “presentations about American Muslims and their faith,” interfaith panels and intercultural panels. Its presentations include “Muslim Women Beyond Stereotypes,” “Islamophobia and Its Impact,” “Countering Bullying with Civility, Respect, and Knowledge.”

What services does the Islamic Networks Group offer?  

ING provides schools and teachers “A Call to Action Lesson Plans,” with a package of 14 lessons including, “Colonial Origins of Contemporary Dominant Narratives,” “Countering Racialization and Racism,” “Manifestations of Racism: Structural Racism,” “Responding to Racism: Individual Action” and “Call to Action: Collective Action.”

It included lessons about teaching 9/11 history without discussion of the extremist expression of religion, a controversial recommendation that raised questions among parents. 

What K-12 work has the Islamic Networks Group done? 

The organization has a list of school districts and schools where it provides its services and training. 


San Francisco Unified School District

In 2019, the school district signed an agreement with Islamic Networks Group to have the group provide “educational resources” at no cost.