• Berlin Public Schools, CT - 2020-2021 - $48,215.44 for Resources & Books, Including 'We Got This, Equity, Access...' Download

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Education experts Sonja Cherry-Paul and Aeriale Johnson discussed “Antiracist Teaching.”

What is Heinemann?

Based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Heinemann describes itself as “a publisher of professional resources and a provider of educational services for teachers, kindergarten through college.”

In September 2021, it hosted a podcast titled, “Dismantling Racism in Education.”

What K-12 work has Heinemann done? 


Berlin Public Schools

Berlin Public Schools paid $48,215.44 to Heinemann for resources and books, including “We Got This, Equity, Access…”

In a tweet in November 2019, a Berlin Public Schools staffer thanked Heinemann staffer Sara K. Ahmed for visiting the school district.