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Rodney Glasgow is a diversity, equity and inclusion practitioner and activist and the founder of The Glasgow Group, a consulting organization with well documented ties to to the accreditors of the private independent schools with whom they work. His name and the name of the organization pop up constantly in trainings, workshops, presentations and keynote addresses at elite private schools throughout the northeast and mid-Atlantic. (Because they are private, we don’t have access to the contracts or invoices.)

According to Washington Free Beacon,

He has held multiple positions with the National Association of Independent Schools, which sets accreditation standards for a group of more than 1,600 American private schools, including the country’s most elite and rarefied secondary schools. The association keeps a list of “approved accreditors” and outlines “principles of good practice” it expects them to enforce, including the promotion of “diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice” through “cross-cultural competency.” If schools do not comply with these standards, they risk losing their accreditation and the perks that come with it, including access to the association’s marketing tools.

Aaron Sibarium, Washington Free Beacon

Rodney Glasgow’s resumé shows multiple connections between him and the National Association of Independent Schools. It also lists some of his presentations and keynote addresses between 2008 and 2018.