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Fleur Larsen published this video in 2018 to describe how to “live equity.”

What is Fleur Larsen Facilitation?

Fleur Larsen Facilitation was started by Fleur Larsen, who describes herself as a “Seattle-based facilitator and seasoned consultant in the nonprofit sector with a background in education and counseling.”

In a video (16:00), she self-describes as a “white woman” who challenges her “relationship to martyrdom.”

On her LinkedIn, she describes herself as a “Facilitator: Social Justice Impact On Organizational Culture.”

In an interview with Terasa Livingston, based in Australia, Larsen spoke about the responsibilities “white folks” have “unlearning” concepts like “white supremacy.”

What services does Fleur Larsen Facilitation offer?

On her website, Larsen promotes “Trainings,” “HR and Equity,” “1-on-1 Coaching,” workshops and speaking engagements.

Past events included workshops about “Accountability in Action for White Women,” “The Language of Racism” and “White Women Leading for Racial Equity.”

What K-12 work has Fleur Larsen Facilitation done?


Bainbridge Island School District

In 2017, Bainbridge Island School District paid Fleur Larsen Facilitation $2,100 for training for administrators, related to “community agreements, shared terminology, and bias & managing for it at work.”

In 2018, Bainbridge Island School District paid Fleur Larsen Facilitation $1,500 for a half-day of training for administrators with a “focus on equity & cultural confidence.”