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In a video posted in October 2021, consultant Paul Gorski spoke about how to eliminate racism from an organization. He spoke with Aryenish Birdie, who lamented the “whiteness” in organizations. The “anti-racist” movement is “coopted by white people,” Gorski said.

What is the Equity Literacy Institute?

In 2014, as an associate professor at George Mason University, Paul Gorski made a presentation about how to accomplish “educational equity” in schools. He said he had stopped using the term “multicultural education” and was now referring to “equity literacy.”

On Sept. 1, 2017, Paul Gorski registered Equity Literacy Institute LLC with the Virginia Secretary of State.

What services does Equity Literacy Institute provide?

In the summer of 2021, Gorski cotaught an online course, “Antiracist Educator Summer Series,” with other consultants: 

  • Paul Gorski, “From Equity-Posing to Antiracist Doing: Embracing a Transformative Approach to Antiracism in Schools.”
  • Taharee Jackson, lead equity specialist at Equity Literacy Institute, taught, “‘But I’m Oppressed Too!’ Identity-Based Pitfalls in Antiracism and Anti-Oppression.”
  • Kass and Cornelius Minor, cofounders of The Minor Collective, LLC, led a class, “Operational Antiracism: The movement to decolonize your classroom and your pedagogy one period at a time.”
  • Seema Pothini, lead equity specialist at Equity Literacy Institute, “No More, ‘Next Time.’ Using student voice to help you recognize, respond to, & redress racism & bias in the moment.” 
  • Katy Swalwell, lead equity specialist at Equity Literacy Institute, taught “‘That’s Actually Worse’: How Curriculum About Anti-Racist Social Movements Can Still Be Racist.”
  • Eghosa Obaizamomwan Hamilton, lead equity specialist at Due East Educational Equity Collaborative, and T. Gertrude Jenkins, “Recognizing, Emphasizing and Humanizing Blackness in Schools.”
  • Marceline DuBose and Tess Ormseth, “Navigating Resistance and Building Strong Coalitions to Transform Schools for Racial Justice and Equity.”

In August 2021, Gorski taught a six-hour course, “Antiracism Institute for Educational Leaders,” with Marceline DuBose, founder of Due East. The course included: “How to manage resistance to antiracism efforts.”

ASCD, the superintendents’ association, interviewed Paul Gorski in a video posted November 2020.