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The Educator Preparation Programs at the Santa Clara County Office of Education posted an “Anti-Racism Conversation” with consultant Enid Lee, facilitated by Adora Fisher, director of the Educator Preparation Program.

What is Enid Lee Consultants?

On her website, Enid Lee introduces herself as “an anti-racist professional development specialist, leadership coach and writer.”

She says she “consults internationally on equitable education and supports educators in preparing all students to create and experience a world with greater justice, joy and generosity.”

Her publications include “Letters to Marcia: A Teachers’ Guide to Anti-Racist Education,” “Checking and Changing My Systems for Equity” and “Anti-Racist Teaching“ in the Encyclopedia of Diversity in Education. She is the co-editor of Beyond Heroes and Holidays: A Practical Guide to K-12 Anti-Racist Multicultural Education and Staff Development. 

What services does Enid Lee Consultants offer?  

Enid Lee Consultants offers trainings and lectures on a number of topics, including: 

  • “Curriculum Design and Demonstration”
  • “Anti-Racist Education – An Applied Field”
  • “Putting Race on the Table”
  • “Making Equity Work in Distance Teaching and Learning”
  • “The Achievement of African American Students”
  • “Embedding Equity In The Curriculum”
  • “Beginning With Equity”
  • “Equity and Literacy with A Focus on English Language Learners”
  • “Coaching For Equity”
  • “Mentoring With An Anti-Racist Equity Lens”
  • “When Discipline Is Nourishment Not Punishment”
  • “Leading For Transformation”
Enid Lee was the featured speaker at a forum called “Putting Race on the Table” hosted by the Community Foundation for the National Capitol Region in Washington, D.C., on April 5, 2006, capturing how long the work of “equity” consulting has existed.