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What is EDquity Consulting?

On June 20, 2020, while she was still a fourth-grade teacher in Georgia’s Atlanta Public Schools, LaTrice Lyle registered EdQuity Consulting LLC as a limited liability company, based in Atlanta.

A 2013 graduate of The University of Georgia in family financial planning, she spent two years in Miami with Teach for America, according to her LinkedIn profile. She graduated in 2017 with a master’s degree in elementary education and teaching from Johns Hopkins University School of Education. In 2019, she earned a degree in school leadership from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education.

According to its website, the company’s mission is to “equip educators with anti-bias and anti-racist lenses and liberatory practices so they can create life-changing outcomes for children, especially Black and Brown children.” Lyle says her work “takes anti-bias and anti-racist theory and couples it with practice so that educators are developing real skills and tools to employ in their schools immediately.”

In early August 2021, Lyle said her company had reached more than 3,000 educators and more than 60,000 students (if each educator “taught 20 students”)  in more than 15 organizations, school districts and schools “committed to #DoTheWork.”

In September 2021, Lyle posted a YouTube video about “combatting white supremacy culture @ school.”

What services does the EDquity Consulting offer?  

  • “Professional development to schools and districts on anti-bias and anti-racist theory and practice”
  • “Racial Identity Development and Practice” in individual and small group coaching
  • “Project-based work” that includes “equity audits”
  • “4 Levers for an Antiracist Classroom”

The company says on its website that it works with Teach for America.

What K-12 work has the EDquity Consulting done?


Medford Public Schools

On the company website, a principal at Medford Public Schools, is quoted saying: “LaTrice has helped me to understand so much more about this topic (racial-ethnic identity development and pedagogy) and as an administrator, this has allowed me to view things differently and provide insight for those I supervise.” 


DC Public Schools

The DC Public Schools website documents its work with EDquity Consulting.