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  • Forest Park School District 91, IL - 2019 - $15,000 for "Consulting and Data Analysis with District-Office Administrators" Download

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What is Derute Consulting Cooperative?

Derute Consulting Cooperative is a consulting organization based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that describes itself this way on its website:

We support organizations committed to racial justice as they advance their work with black and other communities of color. We accomplish this by providing equity and justice-oriented organizational and leadership development; training and workshops; participatory research, assessment and evaluation; and program design and implementation support services in local and global contexts.

We build capacity for racial justice in organizations that acknowledge their role in reproducing inequality and want to do better. We accomplish this goal by developing the structures, routines, and processes that disrupt white supremacy and enable racial justice.

What K-12 work has Derute Consulting Cooperative done?


Forest Park School District 91

In 2019, Forest Park School District 91 paid $15,000 to Derute Consulting Cooperative to do “Consulting and Data Analysis with District-Office Administrators.”