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Who is Christian Paige?

Christian Paige is an “equity specialist” in the Bellevue, Washington, school district. He is also a keynote speaker “on the topics of leadership, diversity, higher education, equity and access, spoken word poetry, and reaching your highest potential” according to his LinkedIn profile.

In one spoken poetry about “equity,” Paige spoke about the need to “torment the things that torment our children…to dethrone white supremacy, to hang it upside down from its bootstraps…”

While parents understand the value of art and poetry in education, many parents question the use of taxpayer money for guest speakers in school systems.

What K-12 work has Christian Paige done?


Bainbridge Island School District #303


In 2020, Bainbridge Island School District #303 paid Christian Paige $2,500 to be a speaker at its “MLK Assembly.”