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What is the Anti-Racism Collaborative?

On its website, the Anti-Racism Collaborative said it’s a “multi-racial collective of anti-oppression educators and activists committed to supporting the movement for racial justice and equity.” 

Stella Panzarella, who describes herself on their website as “(She, Her, Hers”) and a “white-presenting CIS woman,” is cofounder and director of the Anti-Racism Collaborative. The other cofounder is Nicholas Johnson, “(He, His, Him),” who has “roots in the Caribbean and deep South.” 

Brenda Herrera Morena is on the staff, and her bio states she “identifies as a queer transnational woman of color,” who is working to “awaken and deepen the role of white allies/accomplices in the work of anti-oppression to collectively disrupt white supremacy.”

What services does the Anti-Racism Collaborative offer?

Anti-Racism Collaborative says it provides courses, workshops, training, consulting and “social movement partnerships that transform culture and create social change.”

Services include:

  • “Assessment,” courses and workshops
  • “Coaching” and “Training initiatives”

What K-12 work has the Anti-Racism Collaborative done?

Kimball Union Academy

On Jan. 15, 2017, the official Twitter account of Kimball Union Academy, based in Meriden, New Hampshire, posted a message about a visit by Anti-Racism Collaborative staff, including Stella Panzarella, writing, “Thank you Isaac and Stella from the Anti-Racism Collaborative for stopping by at All School Meeting to chat with us! #madeinmeriden #atASM.”