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What is Allen Education LLC?

On July 9, 2018, academic Amy McCart registered Allen Education LLC, based in Kansas City, Missouri, with the Missouri Secretary of State.

According to business documents, McCart is codirector for the “Schoolwide Integrated Framework for Transformation,” or “SWIFT,” with a mission to “lead the nation in equity based MTSS and inclusive education research and services.”

She is an associate research professor with Life Span Institute and an adjunct faculty with the Department of Special Education at the University of Kansas.

What services does Allen Education LLC offer?

The webinar was called, “Leading MTSS for Equity and Inclusion.”

On May 21, 2021, McCart participated in a webinar by the government contractor Corwin Press on providing a “multi-tiered system of support,” called “MTSS,” providing a “framework for delivering equitable outcomes for all.”

On its website, Corwin Press features McCart’s profile and book, “Leading Equity-Based MTSS for All Students.” The profile notes: “The focus of this work is to bring about equity in student outcomes by developing high quality, effective instructional leaders.”

It describes SWIFT as a “national pre-K-12 research and technical assistance center designed to improve outcomes for all students, with emphasis on students of color and those with the most extensive need for support.” Corwin Press notes on its website that McCart “leads an amazing team of technical assistance professionals in urban, rural and high need schools across the United States.”

The profile notes McCart “learned much from her co-educators in her work on the ground in a number of urban school districts, including the Recovery School District in New Orleans, Louisiana, the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools, and the District of Columbia Public Schools.”

What K-12 work has Allen Education LLC been doing?


Oakland Schools

Purchase Order

On May 7, 2021, Oakland Schools, based in Waterford, Michigan, issued Purchase Order CT000007886-1 to pay Amy McCart, doing business as Allen Education LLC $3,000 for a 45-minute lecture and 15-minute Q&A on May 26, 2021, with up to 1,000 teachers and administrators. The contract said she would chronicle how schools can make MTSS “work for in-person and remote environments” and how special education teachers can “equitably service all students.”