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What is 365 Diversity?

In early 2019, Kimya Nuru Dennis complained to her alma mater, the University of Richmond, about a an offensive yearbook photo.

The next year, on April 22, 2020, Dennis registered 365 Diversity, LLC as a limited liability corporation, based in Baltimore, Maryland, with the Maryland Secretary of State. She describes herself as the founder and owner of 365 Diversity. “Your school, business or organization needs measurable and lasting changes,” the website says.

On a podcast, “The Awakening Educator,” posted on YouTube in June 2021 (starting at 11:10), Dennis criticized “European, white” scholars and said: “So when we’re talking about changing schools we literally have to change everything that shapes the European, white version of invention, discovery, knowledge and testing knowledge which then that goes to the whole standardized test process as well.”

She said: “We have centuries of years of talk, while white people hanged us from trees, right?” Dennis said.

Later a cohost said (15:30) about education: “I agree with you that we have a white supremacist perspective….The whole system needs to be redesigned.”

In July 2021, an article was published, headlined, “Interview with Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis: Hands Up Don’t Shoot.”

On the 365 Diversity website, Dennis says she has the answers.

Her website describes her as “as an activist, sociologist and criminologist, educator, and evaluator,” “invested in educating, training, evaluating, and assessing for-profit organizations and non-profit organizations.” Her biography describes her as a “multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary educator, trainer, facilitator, evaluator and researcher,” specializing in “demographic and cultural factors contributing to K-12 and colleges-universities, workforce and workplace, law-police-court-penal system, and medical-health system.”

In early October 2021, Dennis did a Zoom lecture, “The Chat: A Deeper Look at Critical Race Theory.”

What services does 365 Diversity offer?

On its website, 365 Diversity says it offers a number of services, including:

  • “Recruitment and training methods for schools, businesses, and organizations”
  • “Teaching and learning design and implementation for schools”
  • “Factors contributing to health conditions, access to health services, and health outcomes”
  • “Improving police departments, law enforcement, court system, and penal system”

What K-12 work has 365 Diversity done? 

According to her resume, updated Oct. 5, 2021, Dennis wrote that she “helps change polices and practices, curriculum and courses, and evaluations and assessments for K-12 schools” and other institutions and organizations.